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Happy News- No Kidding!

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Hello  fellow BP suffers,

You've seen me at my worst on this board, and many of you have noticed my ups and downs that are a natural part of life for the BP.

I'm very excited to report that with my current medication regimine, 350 Lamictal, 20 Paxil, and 2 Klonopin that I am feeling excellent. I am handling a very stressful, very complex professional job (my job is in technical training on hospital equipment), I have a satisfying, stable relationship with a man I love, and of course, I love my cats. What more is there in life than waking up, feeling you have a purpose (whereever you derive this sense of purpose from), and knowing that YOU controll your emotions/impulses and destiny, NOT your chemical imbalance!

All of you, many of you can find yourselves in the same situation as me, where modern pharmacuticals work wonders and you are able to live a life close to "normal". Many of you may not find this "normal" life, but you CAN find an important place to contribute in any case.

My personal idol is Jerod, who runs this site, and also works on About.com. He has various neorological differences from the majority of the population that make it more difficult for him to achieve many things, however is using his time and talents for the betterment of us all. Kudos to you Jerod!


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Loon (Melinda), how can I call you loon when you have such a nice name and are happy once again?

I am so excited that you have found a great combo! That is the one I would ask for if I "Swing" over to a BP whatever the hell number it may be, diagnosis in the future.

Hooray for good news. Life is great when our brains are finally balanced.

Continued health and success!


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