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What is this?

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Ok, here's what happens:

Get ready for sleep around 1 AM. Toss and turn until 3 or 4 AM. Racing thoughts and/or anxiety. Wake up after 10 or so hours. I never feel rested. Meds work for a week or two or not at all.

Any thoughts?

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sdjeff, when people have trouble sleeping it's usually a good thing to explore why they can't sleep. Too many issues at work that keep your mind busy ? There are many ways to deal with that, sometimes by thinking about them at an earlier time, sometimes with a REAL workout (though not later then a couple of hours before going to bed), sometimes with meditation, yoga, or listening to music. Some people swear by hot milk.

It's a good idea to discuss this with a doc.

But if these things don't work you can try a benzodiazepine. Many of them will induce sleep. Thing is, your body adapts to them relatively quickly.

Because you speak of racing thoughts as a problem for not getting enough sleep, there is an alternative: take an antipsychotic.

Don't get scared because of the word. Antipsychotics tend to slow down brain functions (sometimes) and decrease the intensity of emotions. Maybe taking enough of the right antipsychotics (maybe a baby dose of Risperdal like 0.25 to max 1 mg Risperdal) would stop these "racing thoughts". Seroquel is also a decent option, because it's sedating AND an antipsychotic. Your brain doesn't adapt to antipsychotics as fast as to benzodiazepines. But nothing is ever free of risks. If you are sensitive to antipsychotics and you increase your dose to a relatively high level, and then suddenly stop, you may (temporarily) become psychotic.

I'd think something in the advice given above ought to work.

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