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I received the new contract today by E-mail from the CEO of the Romance publisher I work for, Eternal Press/Damnation Books. I am advancing from the position I now hold (Copyeditor, or glorified proofreader) to Editor.

Kim (the CEO) said she had held up offering me a contract because she was concerned about "favouritism" by the Senior Editor (Moss), who is the ex-husband of my wife, and the only other male on the staff. He swept aside that concern yesterday in a message to her with the quip, "How many supervisors would FAVOR the husband of their ex?"

I originally found out Moss worked with EP when I applied for the Copyeditor position through the previous Senior Editor, and she assigned him to administer the company’s English Composition test to me. At that time I disclosed to her the existing relationship, and asked for another to administer the test, to remove the stain of nepotism. She administered the test herself.

The advancement to the Editor position makes me the only Editor with the company who does not have a college degree.

It took great restraint to respond to Kim's message without a line of "YAY" all in capitals across the page. A great fiftieth birthday present from the company (my birthday was May 31).

Now my big concern is my visit to the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday: he signed off on the surgery on my right hand as being a total success, but hit me with a different bummer: the EMG test of my left arm came back with the results of severe damage to the motor control nerves of my left arm, and slight damage to the sensory nerves. Surgery is indicated, he said. That is now scheduled for June 25, when they will lay open my left arm with a filet knife and try to do neurosurgery.

I am holding my breath on recovery time; the National Hammered Dulcimer competition is now three months away, and the muscles of my left arm have atrophied to the point where I can no longer use my 100-yo typewriter, hold a fork or a dulcimer hammer, or operate a telegraph key for my ham radio set. Time is running short for therapy to get back in action for the competition. Crossing my fingers (on my right hand).

James, Editor (!), Eternal Press and Damnation Books, Aviation Electronics Technician First Class (USN-Retired/disabled), amateur radio operator, calligrapher, and hammered dulcimer player-without-portfolio.

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Good for you! That's awesome! (we've not officially ever talked, but I read your other post with interest & so, was happy for you when I saw you posted this...) And, what a decent guy - this new husband of the ex - his response is exactly what it should be... I think that many times, men are better at that sort of thing (for the most part, not always)...

I've always been sort of disgusted at the edge people get just for having a college degree... I know many dumb ass people with a college degree & have seen them promoted over much more talented & brilliant people who happen to have not gotten that piece of paper. :-) (nothing against people w/ a degree - some of them are brilliant too, I'll have mine in Dec. afterall - haha)

As far as your surgery... are you left handed? If not, I should think you will get along fine one handed while you heal - and if not, well, you'll learn to do things right handed in the meantime! And, there will be more competitions... so if you can't make the upcoming one - your practice for the next one can serve double duty as physical therapy I suspect.

I wish you every success.

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