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BiPolar, so now what?

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Welcome Stonering, from another AP/BP/mom of spirited kids!  I also had planned to homeschool until it became obvious that between my own ADD and mood disorders, and the mentally-interesting-ness of my oldest daughter (since diagnosed BP, epileptic, and Asperger's, bless her beautiful heart), there was no way in hell it would work.  But we did keep her home until she was 6, until we could move closer to a public kindergarten that was healthy for her.  At the time we lived in rural Montana, and it would have been a 70 mile drive for anything else.  What you're facing is totally daunting to me!!!  (Especially with the gas prices right now, shudder).

I was diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety for several years before someone caught onto the bipolar angle.  And to give you some hope ... my life has never been the same.  Trileptal was the best thing to happen to me since it all onset in my mid-twenties!  (Well, OK, except for my girls  ;) )

Where do you go from here?  For starters ... come here!  I posted on parenting boards for YEARS before finding Crazy Boards (even moderated one on the Family Bed), but this feels much more like "home".  It's just such a relief to let the crazy all hang out, y'know? B)

After that ... if I were you, I'd hold off on getting a job until you see how the Kindie thing works out and have had a chance to find your footing with this new diagnosis and the new meds.  Not to mention, are you in treatment for the skin cancer, or is that taken care of for now?  (Sorry to hear about that, btw; I'm also fair skinned and both of my Dad's parents are battling skin cancer now in their old age, so we're certainly not sun worshippers around here either.)

What's the plan for titrating up on the Lamictal?

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