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sandman sticking around too long

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My pdoc added 0.5 risperidone to my mix since my depression was bad and I was having sleep issues still even though I was maxed out on zopiclone.

First few days, took it at bedtime no probs.

Night #4 (Sunday) whacked me out until 9:30 am

Realized this may be an issue so I took it with my mid-afternoon lithium at 6:00 pm

Night #5 (last night) whacked me out until 11:00!!!!!!!!!!! I was up with the alarm, and up when one of my dogs was barking, but fell back to sleep.

Luckily I have a job where I have one deadline to deal with mid-afternoon but other than that I make my own hours.

What now?

Should I not take it? Take 1/2 of the pill? Take it now since there was really no drowsiness when I take it.

As much as I appreciate Mr. Sanman coming since he is a rarely seen creature for me, This is getting ridiculous

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That's odd... I'm taking 2mg of risperdal on top of 10mg zyprexa, and I'm having a problem getting to sleep. I'm averaging 6 hours a night right now, and I started it 5 nights ago. And I normally get sedated over anything else.

I know the sedation problem all too well. Geodon knocked me on my butt 15 hours a day. I would suggest splitting your pill in half, and taking it twelve hours apart, once in the am and once in the pm. See if that helps. If not, try and test the dose 1/2 hour later each night until you find a time that might work for you. Worst case scenario, you could try it during the day and see if your daily living activities overcompensate for the sleepiness of the drug and you can push through the day that way.

Let us know how it goes.

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If you can force yourself to get up, you might do better. Use 2 alarms, or 3. If you tend to turn them off and go back to sleep, put them across the room. Get up, get moving, take a shower (preferably cold), have coffee, take the dog out for a fast walk, etc. I have had this same problem on Zyprexa and I hate it, and while I could never entirely solve it, the above routine was my best chance at not sleeping too much. I still sometimes slept through multiple obnoxious alarms.

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Thanks all

Gizmo - as with a lot of these meds, risperidone makes some people more stimulated and some people more sedated

Sorrel - I have 2 alarms - clock radio and cell...3 alarms on my cell 10 minutes apart.

None of them did it.

My doc said I could 1/2 it if I wanted.

I ended up taking it at noon today and am fine and will try to get into bed by 10 tonight to see if its just a length of sleep thing.

Will let you all know - if this doesn't do it then pill splitting I will go....

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thrilling update

Took the risperidone at about noon and spent the day slightly, slightly hazy shall we say. Then I couldn't sleep until about 3 and then woke up at 9...not so good

Yesterday, took 1/2 the 0.5 pill at about 7 pm, slept okay and didn't sleep in


(Ever feel like a mad scientist monkeying with your doseages - with pdocs permission)

-------editted to correct really bad typing!--------

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