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I've just ventured into reading about alexithymia. And it, at times, sounds like myself. I was wondering what other people thought of this, if any of you have it or think you have it, how you feel about it, etc.

I first heard about it in a book called Emotional Intelligence. I don't like that book because it made me see that I'm emotionally stupid, I suck at life, and I have a low chance of succeeding. But anyway. Since then, it's had a bit of intrigue with me and I hadnt explored the possibility of having it, or something like it, until now. This is particularly unnerving.

Anyone think its possible to go through stages of alexithymia? Or.. have alexithymic episodes? I really dont feel that I may be "completely" alexithymic, but a lot of it seems like me.. Anyone know of anything else like this? Yes? No?


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