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Depakote Efficacy

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

OK, I KNOW it's all about blood levels, but is it possoble that it could effectively begin stabilizing mood in just 2-3 days?  Took an initial dose of 250 Friday night, then 500mg/day, and dysphoric hypomanic - like episodes were gone by Monday.

what I am trying to figure out is if it was the depakote, or if my cymbalta finally kicked in ....

see additional details here.

also waiting for pdoc call-back (not to worry)

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Guest luli2545

Yeah, what Erika said...I recently added depakote back into my effexorated state, 250 er mg at night for a week, then up to 500. I had been experiencing bunches of shitty "anxiety" (hypomania?)(?) negative thinking, felt horrible, dysphoric for sure w/anxiety, tight chest, squirrel brain thinking... the day after 1st dose significant lessening of hellish feelings, could have been placebo expectation, whatever, dunno.

I think on 9/12 it will be 3 weeks at the 500 depakote level. It's pretty good. Some focus problems but I have situational grieving/JOBSTRESS so I had focus problems before. I''m expecting the Dep good stuff to increase as it builds up to a more steady state. And if it works, I'm gonna stay with it... ;)

I pm'd you Pinky, but I found this thread so just ignore the pm....

And I had no weight gain or loss....still don't...

Hope it's working!


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