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First, I apologize if this is rambly and makes no sense, but I am hoping for feedback from others who have ADHD and have been on stimulant medication for a while. I have been on Adderall for about a year now. I am terrible with time, as in, I couldn't say if an event occurred a year ago, or three. That has always been an issue. But now I am having different memory problems and am wondering if it could be the medication. These are more short-term, like I have to try really hard to remember something from yesterday. I become frustrated because I forget what I am saying mid-sentence. I also am having a hard time processing info. The first few months on medication were not like this. I was processing info quickly, and memory seemed better. My doctor said ADHD doesn't worsen, or the medicine doesn't stop working (or something to that effect...see what I mean? can't remember specifically what she said)

I also take 25 mg seroquel for insomnia. I thought this could be the cause, or maybe too much or too little adderall.( I am prescribed 15 mg, 3 per day) I've tried everything, from only taking one per day, half of one, none, all three etc. I may feel fine for a day or two at a specific dose, and then I'm right back to feeling like I have cotton for brains. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen after having initial success with adderall? Any comments, suggestions etc appreciated.

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I've used adderall for many years and have learned that my body experiences a small level of burnout each day after using it. After a few days of usage I must take a one or two day break from adderall to restore the drugs effectiveness.

Coffee consumption while taking adderall seems to have an affect on adderalls ability to provide me the quality of focus, concentration, and overall stimulation (not to mention lack of cotton-brain) that I have come to expect from the drug. I like coffee and can easily consume several cups in a day so I have learned to watch my intake and keep it to an absolute minimum in order to lessen the burnout factor.

Like coffee I think there are other stimulants in my diet that have an effect on the rate at which I experience adderall burn-out such as sugar, dark chocolate, and refined carbs. With me all these foods cause an increase in my energy level and therefore bring on the dreaded adderall burnout and cotton brain sooner. I have found that adderall, coffee, and the other foods that I mentioned all provide me with a slightly different type of stimulation so I have learned to consume certain foods with care so as not to interrupt adderalls efficiency.

Also, I have found that by taking my adderall in small quantities throughout the day, e.g. 2.5 to 5 mg at a time as needed, it keeps me from taking more than I absolutely need to get through the day. And on days that there are less duties to perform at work taking less adderall delays that dreaded burnout feeling I may get the following day.

I have not experienced memory loss while taking adderall but a quick web search of Seroquel indicates that some people who take it are susceptible to memory loss.

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