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Hope for Humanity and Human Kindless

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Steven Pinker deals with everything in a very clinical way, statistics and figures, but there might still be a few triggers. (It starts with concentration camp images and mentions various genocides and murders, but no details.)

Summery: Statistically, human beings are kinder and less violent than they have ever been in the history of the world ever. Even including all the genocides and world wars of the last century, less people died at the hands of others than ever before in history.

Most statistics you come across are like this, they have two sides. So for example there are more humans being trafficked / more slaves now than ever before however, it is the lowest percentage of the world population of all time, and it's almost extinct. There are countless people working to find them and help them.

I think that human beings are evolving, getting more empathetic and gaining a better understanding and concern for the world around them and people around them.

Alright, so there's nuclear bombs and space weapons (not yet) and governments so paranoid that if they were people they would be sectioned.. but, as it stands, everything is getting better!

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