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Does this mean I'm admitting to crazy?

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So leave it to good ol' Google to direct me to here when I was trying to figure out what the hell my new Rx Clonazepam is. Of course after perusing this place I started to like it and figured I should go ahead and register. So I guess I'm coming to terms then by slowly admitting I got issues even if it is only on the interweb.

A little about me I was in the army seven years and deployed to Iraq twice.

So I got home a year ago from my second tour and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia(chronic pain.) Dealing with that I kinda ignored everything else.

I was dating a girl seriously when I got home but my defensive behavior caused many arguments. I also was called "unemotional and disconnected" on a regular basis.

I can't be a passenger in anyone's vehicle without scaring myself shitless, gripping the door handle and kicking the floorboard to the point I can barely breathe.

Nighmares, insomnia, violent sleep behavior, anxiety, short-term memory loss, avoidance of crowded places (mainly WalMart) all that crazy stuff.

I was finally diagnosed last week with PTSD and insomnia. Sooo now I take ambien, zoloft, and clonazepam. I also take vicodin 2-3x a week for fibromyalgia related pain.

I was medically retired from the army and now attend school. I smoke a pack a day, drink on the weekends.

I guess that sums it up.


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Welcome to our happy home.

I'm glad you found us and I hope some of our information is helpful.

Be sure to contact a mod if you have a problem with anything.


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Crazy? I'm not crazy! I just have this six foot pink rabbit that nobody else can see that follows me around, and whenever I tell anyone about him, they give me these pills that make me all goofy and sit me down and teach me how to make baskets....;)

Welcome aboard, kick the floorboards all you like.

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