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Still Hanging On

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Hello everyone...

Screw the pdoc as I still haven't heard from him. but he is going to get an earful during my next appt. if he can't make his policies clear so I can follow them, then I will find someone else.

Some strange things have happened, though. I had to cut down the Lamictal to 50 so I would have enough until my appt next week. After about three days, I started feeling somewhat better physically and mentally.

Then my SO made a remark as I lay shivering under a pile of blankets, "You are acting like you did when your thyroid was messed up." That got me to thinking, but it took me a few hours before I felt like doing anything about it.

My sincere thanks to Jerod, et al for the info and links! I've been reading and researching and visiting links and think I may have found part of the problem. And I do stress it's probably just part of the problem.

Apparently, the extra gingko I take as part of my regular regime can affect the Lamictal and my Armour thyroid med, and my caffeine consumption may have to come down even more. Rats on that as I truly enjoy my coffee in the am even if it is half leaded, half non-leaded.

And something is messing with my blood sugar. BTDT, diabetes is prevelant in both sides of the family. I've been watching my diet as usual but something isn't right.

So, I have an appt with my pcp for a full workup the end of this week. He will send lab values to pdoc in time for my appt. 

Mentally, I'm not near the abyss  OH YEAH!!  :)

I feel more sad than fearful and wanting out of life. Changes are coming up with the tdoc. Will have to drop him if he won't fill out the form requested by my mental health provider. Insurance commissioner's office said I have to follow protocol and provide the form, and if I don't get more units, then he will investigate. I left a message with him, have not heard from him, either. So I'll have to find someone else or forego therapy.

and I don't know if the pdoc would fill out the form although he had offerred to at one time. guess I'll find out when I see him.

Sorry for the length of the post and any spelling errors. My memory sucks right now--well, always has--and I'm too damn lazy to reach up and get the dictionary off the shelf ;)

Glad to be home!


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Spike, glad you are not near the abyss.  I guess if most of the pdocs and tdocs weren't such asshats then there probably would be a lot less mental patients, if you aren't screwed up when you go in, by the time you are done with you are.  Sorry about that rant, just seriously fed up.  I know there are good ones out there but where the hell are they? ;)

I don't know if I told you I am on a thyroid med as well, my lab results have always been within the normal range but because of a nodule on my thyroid that I used to have biopsied (FNA) a couple of times a year the specialist told me I would have to take it for the rest of my life.  When I see my GP (family doc) I plan to ask her about that and the possibility of an underactive thyroid condition causing many of my problems.  And because I know Depakote can cause problems with blood sugar/insulin I would like to have that checked as well.

So I will be interested to see what your doc has to say about your problems and hope you get satisfactory results.  Keep us posted and hang in there, Sulu

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Thanks, Sulu

well, I am eating some of my words ;)

tdoc just called about where was I since my appt was today. he did not get my message! apparently when we had a brief storm and lost power, it erased all his messages. and I believe him as it's happened to me also.

he does have the form filled out and wanted to go over it with me to make sure he has answered in the way most likely to get more units approved. he is going to go ahead and fax it to them.

also, he told me if I left another message and did not hear from him within two days that I was to call again. but not to wait two days if I was in crisis, that he would work me in.

forgot to mention that pcp had me stop my black cohosh as it can give false positives on the thyroid tests because of it's mimicing estrogen, and estrogen supplemention will screw up on the thyroid values.

Sulu, I hope we both get some straight answers. we know our bodies and know when something just isn't right. at least my pcp doesn't attribute every physical complaint I have to my MI--he will run tests first before he'll suggest it may be a presentation of the depression.


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Spike, that sounds like progress to me.  I'm glad you're climbing out of abyss-land.

I'm taking thyroid meds too, though I'm just a little bit low on the thyroid levels, a touch high on the TSH.  I take Armour in the am, liothyronine (T3) mid-day.  I do find if I slack off on either dose I start slipping, lose energy, and start to feel a little depressed.

I see a nurse practitioner who does bio-identical hormone treatment, and she's got me on progesterone/pregnenolone (sp?) cream BID.  I'm to avoid estrogenic stuff, including soy products and estrogenic herbs.  I have to say, I'm doing much better since starting this.  In fact, because of digestive problems, I started having soy milk with my breakfast and more at night, and now am getting more bloating, weight gain, etc.  I thought it was all my medication changes, but I'm beginning to suspect the soy products.  So when I finish this carton, I'll go back to my organic, hormone-free milk and see if it helps.

Anyhow, its great to hear from you, and it's great that you've got a more holistic doctor.  My nurse actually thinks that if we get my hormones straightened out I may need less psychmeds.  I don't think she's exactly right, but she's on target that my hormone problems only worsen my BP.

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NARS, yep it's progress ;) 'course I would like it to be faster! but at this point, it's better than looking down the abyss

funny that you mentioned soy products. I was told to stay away from them because of the thyroid problems. and I also use the progesterone cream BID, three weeks on, one off.

<sigh> times like this are when I wish more of my brain was functional! honestly feel as though I am running on worn out neurons

hopefully I'll have some answers next week. had the fasting blood work this am, go this afternoon for xrays and EKG. my pcp contacted my ortho surgeon and a cat scan of my knee is being scheduled. (had a five hour revision of a failed knee replacement last year). they have some concerns about an infection since I had a tooth abscess and dental work done. took the antibiotics but that was afterwards, not before as required.

I'm glad your NP is up to date on this hormone stuff, too, NARS.

so many other things are in the picture with MI that have to be sorted out!


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