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Topamax for Migraines/ Neuropathy

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Hi Everyone I got a question I am on Topamax for Migraines and Neuropathy "nerve pain caused mostly by my back but radiates down my legs too" I am taking 50mg twice daily how do you know if you need more on this kind of med? I don't feel any different all I know is if I mess up and skip a day boy my hands tighten up and tingle but I really dont know if it helps or not I didn't have severe migrianes so I think it has helped there but?? I am not sure I think I am just numb to it now what do you think also with the risperdal I am on 1.5mg I go to the dr on Friday I felt the difference the first couple of days but now I cant tell I am on anything I am on my 2nd week of it . any advice would be great ...PEPSI

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