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I am in the midst of a pretty bad crisis with extreme anxiety and irritability. It's so bad that a transfer was considered to another ward, but there is no place for me.

As a result, I just had two med tweaks in two days. First, on Wednesday, my Abilify was increased from 5mg to 10mg, but that takes about a week or so to kick in. Second, today, my PRN Oxazepam (Serax?) was exchanged for Ativan 0.5mg TID. I feel, today, that the Ativan is working without making me too sedated, but I really hope I will be able to get through the weke-end (when we have fewer staff on the ward) this way. On Monday, I will need to re-evaluate my medication. My nurse aslo said that they're still looking into a transfer, because my ward has construction going on (so a lot of overloading noise) and is somewhat understaffed.

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