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  1. 1. What dietary supplements do you take?

    • Multivitamin/various vitamins (post what)
    • Minerals (post what)
    • Fish Oil/Essential Fatty Acids
    • Melatonin
    • L-Tryptophan/5HTP
    • L-Tyrosine
    • SJW
    • Other (post)
    • None
  2. 2. Why do you take what you take?

    • Sleep
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • General Health (non-MI)
    • Memory/Cognition
    • Other (post)
    • Don't take any
  3. 3. How much does it help?

    • Lots
    • Some
    • A little
    • Not at all
    • Don't take anything

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I have just ordered and received some of this stuff from the same link as featured in the crazy store. I've taken that particular blend off and on since high school. It's expensive but it's got everything in it. I was looking at my order total and realized with this I wouldn't have to take an additional B vitamin or additional choline or inositol. It's also got a lot questionable stuff that can't hurt in it like bee pollen, spirulina, and ginseng. I fucked up and got the kind with iron and I know guys are supposed to take the kind without but I think as long as I don't eat too much meat it won't hurt, right?

I also decided to try some of this. Unfortunately it looks to be flavored with stevia which I really don't care for. If I can't stand it and have to freecycle I'll let ya'll know.


The Coreomega is actually pretty yummy.

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I don't find supplements helpful but prob should take Vit D, Calcium, B12, and Iron, but I don't

However if I don't eat veggies for a while, my mood improves after eating a plate of mixed vegetables including green beans, and other legumes.

I'm curious about the special folic acid medication & depression link because of feeling better when I eat those green beans.

I've tried many other supplements with no effect. Your mileage WILL vary.

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I take fish oil for depression, glucosamine and chondroitin for joints and Im supposed to take calcium+ vitamin D because I'm on depo but I keep forgetting.

I notice a huge difference with the fish oil.

I take omega brite and I've be trying to find something cheaper, but nothing approaches the dha/epa amounts so to get that, I would have to take so many pills that it would be ridiculous and the cost would be a wash.

Witht the fish oil you really need to pay attention to those levels.


Haha found something cheaper!

What did you find that is cheaper?

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I just added what I take to my profile on the about me page, but here's the list:

Supreme Hi-B-125

125mg B1, B2, niacin, B6, Pantothenic Acid

400mcg Folic Acid

125mcg B-12, d-biotin

for: depression, lethargy



for: Stress, depression, direct precursor to L-dopa

Magnesium Oxide


for: muscle cramps, blood pressure

Ultimate Omega

1300mg EPA

900mg DHA

Other Omega3s: 360mg

for: depression, brain fog

One Daily 50+ Women's (the kind without iron, because I have an IUD that stops my periods)

too many to list

for: general health

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I take a generic women's daily multi vitamin because on some days my love of junk food does get the best of me, so that's an overall health thing. A biotin supplement daily after my hair thinned on Lamictal, it did grow back, but I continue to take it because I hear that my current miracle worker Topamax can do the same :/ And 4 175 mg capsules of milk thistle every day for elevated liver function numbers. I've cut back on drinking, changed up my diet, I work out like a dog and still the same: crap liver. So I keep taking it.

And while I don't take anything like fish oil for my frame of mind, I do make an effort to eat fish 3 times a week and I swear it makes a difference. Maybe just because fish is yummy and it makes me smile ;) Who knows?

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on the recommendation of my GP, i take a generic target brand multivitamin and drink a packet of emergen-C every day. i appreciate the emergen-C because at least it's not another pill to take, but i always forget to drink it on a full stomach and then find myself feeling nauseous ;)

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I regularly take a Vit B complex, it has all the Bs in there I think. I take Magnesium and Iron when I remember, and I would like to take fish oil but i never seem to remember that either. perhaps if i started taking it my memory would also improve .

A lot of people insist that taking Vit B orally is pointless but I find it very helpful, and that was including the time when I insisted it was pointless - it still helped a lot. I take it to help me manage stress, helps me sleep generally and if i stop taking it I get a bit more agro than normal. I take the Magnesium sometimes because of muscle spasms and twitching - its useful for that kind of thing. And I take iron because I am low on iron and i havent taken it as much lately because i've been making an effort to eat more meat.

My GP recommended the fish oil and i am going to try to continue it. I used to take about 6g a day, but will look at the components again to see what is most appropriate. Apparently in large doses it can make you manic, and at one stage i upped it to 8g to see if that would happen. It didnt, in fact I didn't notice anything happen, however when i stopped taking it when i ran out for a while, i developed cravings for fish, and ate fish for breakfast lunch and dinner, which was strange because previously i'd disliked fish and only ate it if i had to. I eat a lot more fish these days so i suspect I am getting more of it naturally too.

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