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Remeron.......and NOT sleeping?

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I tried remeron only (at least at night) for the first time........help!!!  I didn't get ANY sleep at all........I tossed and turned all night long......got up, laid down.... I feel awful!!!

Has anyone had the expereince of no sedation while on the remeron?  Things have been going badly lately and I was hoping this would help me sleep and help with the depression. 

Admittedly, I am also trying to discontinue the clozaril (only taking between 100 to 200) .......as I have not been completely compliant, (I have worried that I won't be able to hear the people I am responsible for if I have an overnight......say camping or such) and reduced the dose at times.........who knew what was to follow............ ;)   :)  

Seems I was too long in getting my blood work done, and admitted to lowering the dose without Dr approval......Pharmacy had to report to the Dr. and to the drug co.  Now I am in trouble with both...........

I HATE THIS SO CALLED ILLNESS......... I really just want to say FUCK IT! and discontinue all this crap.........

I am sooooooooo tired of the struggle....... :P

Current meds:





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The sleepy side-effect is more prominent at lower doses. I usually take 1/2 or even a 1/4 of a 15 mg tablet. Depending on how severe my insomnia is on any given day, the Remeron may or may not work. Same thing with Ambien. But both of them together is usually a guarantee of a good night's sleep.

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Good morning......well.....maybe not "good".... ;) .  I still did not sleep well last night so I am going to stop the remeron and see what happens.  I see my pdoc in a couple of weeks, so we will discuss it then.

Thank you all for your input.  I am sure I will be back to pick your brains again....... :)

Take care!

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i'll back up elvis with the seroquel as a knock out drug. and it is another one where less is more when i comes to sleep.

i have tried nortriptilene, trazodone, seroquel and remeron. and i returned to seroquel as my drug of choice. it is also a good AD adjunct to my effexor. i have found that all of these four drugs give me some pretty wicked dreams but the remeron was the worst. and i have found that the dreams were worst at the start thank goodness. it's not good to wake up in the morning, look around and go 'oh yeah! right. this one's real.'


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