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Genetic Linkage To BP Predisposition etc.

Guest BOYD

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I've been back tracking and think I found my missing link. Here goes--genetics..

My father and sister have always showed symptoms of BP(never depression only the inability to sit still/and losing it now & then). I've been close to very,very normal until 1 1/2 years ago. 1 1/2 years ago I seem to have triggered a hypomania state for three weeks taking Xanax. This state cycled into a big depression (soon after). Took Zoloft which worked but raged after 5 months. So far so good? Then cycled into a "deeper" depression as I was off Zoloft (all meds) 4 months later. NOW I'm back to stable after 5 months on 5mg of Lexapro (no rages or deep depressions) Just 5 months of "that's why I hate the Lexapro" thing. Now I'm feeling great for 1 week plus. All the bad is fading away completely and I'm feeling perfectly normal sleep patterns-Relaxed in social settings-not overly talkative--( actually called some friends up to go out for dinner etc) ( 'according to my wife I'm some kinda nice guy now ; even listening for a change)

I don't know what all this means. Just the facts-Jack. I feel so normal I could shout for joy. Where this leads me I haven't a clue. Not to BP just Smooth Jazz forever ? I don't know-but it's got to be a good thing for now. This is very exciting -

Beautiful Manias for all!

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It is hard not to worry about the BP grabbing my brain. My mother, her sister, and my sister are all BP I. 

However, my fathers side of the family are all depressive GAD.

Yeah what a great mix eh?

I read all the time and take the questionaires and self tests, so far I feel very sure I am GAD with associated depression. I am however very watchful and willing to accept the truth if I suddenly change and develop new symptoms. It is also very interesting that if  you have a BP Mother the Docs look at you like "Ah-ha"! Making sure you know that you could flip on a dime!  Yes Doc, I know. I promise to be honest.

I and my family feel that the ssri is working well and keeps me stable. I am also a very laid back, patient and calm person. I have no doubt that if I suddenly went hypo or anywhere near it they will let me know asap. Actually I think if I were to move up to anything it would be BP II or III.

BOYD enjoy your new happiness and just let it ride. Hell I was good for ten years until i thought I could do better! Geez was I stupid. I am just grateful the paxil worked again and brought me back.


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