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Abilify, Xanax, Adderal, Cymbalta

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Hi everyone

After 2 months of massive breakdown, I went to a new pdoc and she said I was heading to hospital city if I didnt get control of all of my mental issues. I love this new pdoc, she actually listened to me instead of just whipping out the prescription pad. Before I was on just Adderal 30mgs a day for ADD but seems that I was mild bipolar before Adderal and the Adderal has sent me into severe Bipolar?!?! I dont know I just want all of the craziness to stop.... Anyways she has kept me on Adderal but lowered dose to 20mgs and starting Abilify at 7.5 and Cymbalta at 50mgs and Xanax 2x a day as needed. I dont know much about the Abilify and the Cymbalta, I have had Xanax on and off for years due to Anxiety, I have been on lots of SSRIs in the past. I never in a million years would have thought that I was as crazy as I now seem to be, I guess I am looking forward to a hopefully new outlook and less hopelessness. I really hope this all works because I am kinda at the end of my rope and heavan knows my husband and kids are.

Anything you guys can tell me about this cocktail esp. Cymbalta and Abilify would be great, the more I know the better I feel.

Thank you all for being here.


Adderal 20mgs

Xanax as needed

Abilify 7.5

Cymbalta 50mg

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If you're bipolar, to my mind it sounds like mania waiting to happen. An antidepressant, a stimulant, the most activating AP on the market, and a benzo? Where the fuck's the stabilizer? Oy. And then when you go batshit crazy because everything is activating except the Xanax she'll wonder WHY.


Heh. Hi. I don't approve of your cocktail, but it isnt your fault.




I have been castigated for "prescribing" meds. This doesn't seem to be so far off from "prescribing" a med. Why are you allowed to do this ?

See Erika's reaction in the schizophrenia forum.

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I'm sorry I don't really understand what a stabilizer is?

I however get that u dont think its a good combo but could you please go into more detail? Im kinda scared now and dont want to go into a complete meltdown, I dont think my family could take it. The searches Ive done on Cymbalta and abilify really dont give much info beyond the label, are these new drugs?



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