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Seeing and hearing things...

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I have heard voices and saw things that were not really there while I was depressed, but never before when I was happy or hypomanic or manic or whatever it is that I am right now. 

I feel great, but sometimes I see things...for instance, last night I kept seeing horses running across the street while I was driving home.  I see flashes of light (kind of like lightning) that isn't really there. 

I've also been hearing things, but it isn't like the voices in my head.  I hear things from outside my head.  For instance, it sounds like the TV or radio is on and it isn't.  Or I will think I hear someone talking in another room and no one is home except me.

Will this go away once I get on another mood stabilizer or should I mention it specifically to my doc?  TIA.

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You should mention it specifically to your pdoc.

It might go away with a mood stabilizer, but it might also have an impact on which mood stabilizer your doc goes with.

In my case, I tend to have "full-blown" hallucinations when I'm really depressed or really manic. I also have other psychotic symptoms - paranoia, thought transmission, "voices", milder hallucinations and illusions - when I'm more stable. For me, this means the addition of an antipsychotic to my cocktail.

Of course, it's all a big med-go-round and it might take a few drugs or combos to find what exactly works for you... I'm still hanging on to my med-go-round for dear life, hoping the damn thing will come to a stop soon.

Bottom line, though... you gotta mention it if it's going to be treated. (I've learned this the hard way.)


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Nah, my husband doesn't drive and there's no public transportation here.  I can generally tell when something isn't real - I mean, horses don't normally run across Interstate 10.  When I first see something like that, it catches me off guard and I might swerve a bit, but after the first time I realize it isn't real....if that makes any sense.

I'm having lots of issues just taking Zoloft and Trazodone without a mood stabilizer.  I spent $300 today, $900 yesterday, and $200 the day before.  I slept 2 hours last night and I am not tired at all.  This is with taking the max dose of Trazodone (300 mg) at "bed time."  I go back to the doc on Monday.  We'll see what happens.

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