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Update on visit with doc re: Topamax titration

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At the current 75mg of Topamax, my mind seems to slowed down enough where I can focus somewhat better and have a longer attention span. My mind doesn't seem to wander off as much, and I daydream less. I should get more improvements as I get to 100mg and even more as I stay on there longer.

Now, when I was at 200mg the previous time I took Topamax, I found it harder to take in information. It was like I couldn't comprehend stuff as well.

So, with your current dosage of 150mg, I would give that level a month and see how it does for your cycles. The ask you doc about titrating higher if needed if that dosage doesn't provide adequate coverage for your cycling.

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Wow, this report was so positive I kinda got sucked in till '6 brought back reality.  You have whipsawed this week, emotionally.

I think you need to take things real slow and see what direction things go. Stay at this level. Don't muck up your experiment by changing the meds too often.  I haven't taken this med, but my experience is that one needs to wait at least 3-4 weeks and more likely 6 to  let the drug stabilize, brain stabilize and finally mood stabilize. 

If you feel good fine, let things alone and see if any trends develop.


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