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Given valium in A&E

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Hey, this is just something I've been wondering about.

I don't as of yet have an official official diagnosis but the doctors are pretty sure it's bipolar.

A couple of months ago I was in a bad way. I called the Crisis Team and they took me to A&E. I was given valium there which really helped me. When I got the the hospital where I was to be an inpatient I told the psychiatrist that admitted me that I'd had valium and he looked shocked and told the nurse to make sure I was never given it again. He then wouldn't tell me why not, he just carried on with his other questions.

I was wondering if any of you had any idea why he said that? It's not that I ever really want it again, it's just that it's been playing on my mind a bit, you know?



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I know my pdoc told me at the beginning of my first appointment that she never prescribes benzodiazepines because she's seen so many cases of dependence and addiction.

It could be that the pdoc you saw had a similar rule and was surprised that another dr gave it to you. That's just a guess.

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