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2 day of WB and feeling horrible

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So WB made me sick. Had to stop and feel Fucking angry.

Not happy no one to talke to and not happy with the way I handled the day

sat on the couch

watched tv

cleaned the dishes

sat on the couch

pick up son from preschool

sat on the couch and watched 50 first dates

daughter came home from school

looked at her folder while sitting on the couch

ate too much food

on and on and on and on.......................

I am so freaking tired today and cant move and its hot!!!!

Yelled at the kids spanked my son gave them time outs

holy shit I sucked as a parent today and I want ram my head into a wall!!! ever get that feeling, holy crap sure you do you guys are here for the same reason  ;)

I need some good meds and I am freaking out cuz I don't have any to take tomorrow. I want to feel like I did on the WB with out the side effects. I will call the DR tomorrow an see what see says.

gonna take xanax and go to bed

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Yea I have "bad mom" days.  all I can do is resolve to do better tomorrow. does WB stand for wellbutrin?

do you take xanax during the day? I know xanax is supposed to be stronger than Ativan, well .5 of Ativan and I'm ready for a nap.  All. day. long.

talking to your doc is an important step I just went to get switched from lexapro yesterday. 

good luck to you. 

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