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Irrational cranky cow here!

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Im Sammy 29 from the UK ;)

Just had a formal diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder today ( only took 5 months to get it!:) )

Been perscribed Seroquel 50mg one night..100 the next ...200 the night after and finally a 300mg dose. After all the storys ive read I haven't taken it tonight, I worry and have irrational thoughts to start with so reading about it hasn't really helped me. What if I can't get up to sort my son out for school or the dogs or or or or.... the list is pretty much endless:blink:

Im crap at introductions but anyhooooo, me in a nut shell....weird...sad...snappy...compulsive spender...weepy...I could go on but Im sure u get my drift!


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