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RLS meds: Mirapex or Requip

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I was wondering because I was on these akathisia medications and failed on them:

  • Cogentin - 1mg BID
  • Artane - 2mg TID
  • Inderal - 20mg BID
  • Valium - up to 25mg per day
  • Ativan - 1mg QID (but using to manage anxiety which is working)

Is it possible that RLS medications could possibly help restlessness or akathisic conditions.

Now I do remember that you don't medicate everything, but some days are worse than others and I'd like something I could take (even if it was prn) to have some sort of control over the restlessness feelings.

I hope I could get rid of it somehow so I don't have to add on medications, but could Mirapex or Requip work?

What do you think?



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Well I'm still waiting to get that psychatirst but I do have the referral in. I called program on Thursday and the co-ordnader working on my case wasn't in Thrusday or Yesterday so now I'll have to wait I guess to find out info and I'm still waiting on an appt to the new psychatirst and address of where they are located.

Here's the link for requip:


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