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Pristiq 50mg vs > 50mg

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I started on Pristiq 50mg back in May and it was a Godsend. It lifted me out of the worst depressive episode of my life. Since I have Anxiety Disorder as well, my pdoc decided to go to 100mg. Since then I have seen no improvement in my Anxiety (or Depression for that matter) at all. In fact, I feel more depressed now and find myself crying more during the day.

I don't know if the Pristiq is pooping out or what. My doc suggested adding Abilify, but I am scared of the side-effects of the atypicals.

I'm totally confused. I know the Pristiq is helping, but I feel that it just isn't "enough."

I am curious to hear about others experience with dosages greater than 50mg and if they helped.

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