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i don't know if i'm bipolar anymore! :(

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there is controversy going on in my world these days... am i SAD w/ ADHD or am i bipolar??

i kind of warmed to the "bipolar" label so now shifting it all around again is creepin' me out, but i know i'm not doing the best i could be.

have been on both SSRI's and lamictal and seem to do well on all of them.

but my concentration, memory, general ability to focus still sucks.

is there a failsafe way to tease out "hypomania" vs adhd symptoms ??

i have had intense episodes of rage - usually alcohol induced, i'm a horrible drunk - where i've threatened to throw things at my husband.  violent screaming, and utterly incontrollable.  these have reduced, if not disappeared since starting lamictal.

i have gone on pretty crazy shopping sprees but i've done that since being on lamictal too.

i am VERY impulsive, and i've started school again recently and am having a hard time focusing, organizing, and remembering things.

i've never been able to function on less than 8 hrs of sleep.

my job history jumps all over the place and in college (which i barely made it through) i think i had 5 different majors....

adhd?  hypomania?  time to just jump off a building?

anybody have ANY suggestions?

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um, as much as i hate to say it, refer yourself to the infamous Da-Vinci code (DSM-VI).  Check your symptoms and take it to your tdoc/pdoc. 

My suggestion... lay off the booze, sweetheart.  That ain't gonna help a thing. 

And as far as the job thing and all that... been there, done that, got a mug and a t-shirt... and i'm only 23.  You're among the kindred here, k? We all understand.

Best wishes for you.

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wow, none of my old jobs gave me a t-shirt or a mug!!  sweet.

i don't drink anymore ... haven't for a year or two.

and i just don't know w/ the dsm... the dsm overlaps and contradicts all over the place.  it ain't no concrete bible, that's for sure.

i know all the obvious stuff.

i'm looking for some personal experiences that might open my eyes to something i haven't thought of yet...

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Yes, a lot of symptoms re: ADHD/bp hypomania DO overlap.  Really, though, I think the dx may be more easily definable if you were to try normal meds for ADHD--ritalin, stratterra, what have you, I can't spell today, I know...

Response to those may determine the difference.

Not that that *wouldn't* mean you don't have bp, of course.  Because that's how we do it in crazyland: pin the tail on the DSM!

At any rate, always remember: it's not the dx, it's the treatment that's important.  The proper dx leads to the best treatment, yes, but beyond that as long as they get the right meds in you, it's all cake, baby.

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