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Damn. Freaking out again


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ok...so how dangerous are 2nd degree burns? I'm burning back onto Effexor Xr, which since they didn't have any low dose samples, is 150 mg  ;)   And this is the first time I've gone it solo, The other three times I've been on Effexor, Ive also been drinking really heavy... It seems like between the med and other daily stress, I can't stop the fasination with burning myself, and I don't feel satiated until it blisters.

So today Ive been adding a few blisters to my arms and legs and I get in the mail this notice from the disability determination board that I am to have a secondary mental  status exam.... how much burning is safe before you need medical care?  I am  madly trying to distract myself from the lighter, but it is the only way I have to cope right now

I'm scared, I'm in a tail spin anyway and now I have to go out in public to this strange womans office so that she can judge me I'm scared and I can't quit burning myself Lucky that I'm just burning small patches

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Second degree burns are not all that dangerous as long as you avoid infection.  The best way to avoid infection is to not pop the blisters.  If you pop the blisters then you will need to keep the area covered.  If the areas are small you can put a band-aid over the blister; that will help protect it.

How much burning is safe before you need medical care?  It depends really.  A bunch of blisters are relatively safe if you keep them clean.  There isn't much that can medically be done with 2nd degree burns.  Even if a large percentage of your body was covered with a 2nd degree burn (as with a bad sunburn), there isn't much a hospital can do - it mostly has to run its course.  If it became infected they could supply antibiotics.  Of course they'd tell you drink plenty of fluids...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Burns become dangerous and require medical care when they are 3rd degree.  But even then, if it's a small area (say, less than 1% of your body surface area) you can take care of it yourself if you keep it clean. 

I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful time right now.  I hope I've helped you out a bit.

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im really sorry that you are going throught this right now.  I know what it is like... sometimes SI seems like the only way we have to cope since everything else is just sooo out of our control. 

if u need anything, I, and the rest of the group, are here for you to support you and do anything in our power to keep you from this "tail spin."

Take care of yourself... and your burns.  try the best you can to get back on track and stay away from the lighter... I know - WAY easier said than done... but try to see if you can find any other way to channel your energy.  or even come here and post when u feel the urge... tell us what is going through your mind at that moment.  it might help.

sorry if i sounded amazingly stupid...

anyway, be good to yourself...



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This might be hard if you are having trouble with depression and drinking, but I have a friend that bikes like mad as a distraction.  I won't say it helps her every time, but it seems to help.

This isn't the greatest advice, especially when I haven't been able to follow it myself.

I'm sorry for all the stress and anxiety that you going through.  Take care of yourself.


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Here's a link to the best article I've seen concering self-injury: SI - A quick guide to the basics It helped me to better understand why people SI, and revealed certain things that can be done to help those who SI. Hope this helps, at least a little bit.



Thank you Sam, it's easy to feel like a complete freak because your only way to cope is to do nasty things to your body. Thia looks like a really good basic site for a confused rather newcomer like myself. Again thank you.

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