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Does this mean my abilify isn't working for me?

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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the bipolar forum, but here goes.  Move it if you think it needs moving.

I've been taking 5 mg of abilify for about 2 months now.  I started taking it because I was having a manic phase where I was thinking WAY too much about an ex boyfriend (from when I was 12!).

It seems the mania is continuing as I still think about him (though its in a totally non-sexual way)  Its like I'm obsessed with being friends with him...WTF?  I know thoughts are harmless, is it unrealistic to want them to GO AWAY?

So back to my original question: Does this mean my abilify isn't controlling my mania?  I so hate the med trial and error!

Thanks for any help you could give!

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i have this problem too, i am constantly thinking about a close friend, who is also my best friend's boyfriend, and my boyfriends best friend... but i had a crush on him before i knew everyone else... and if he's around i ALWAYS want to hang out with him above everyone else...

untill recently it wasnt really sexual but now its getting to be that way.  pretty distrubing, and i can relate that they are just thoughts, but i feel guilty and want them to go away

i never contributed it to mania, although it doesnt seem so impossible.  i always write it off as astrology, like, some kind of karmic obligation.. i dunno

(i just started on abilify)

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Here's my experience with Abilify.

1st time: 10mg, mucho side fx, punted it

2nd time: 2.5-5mg

This time recently, I didn't take this for a manic episode. I took this for an acute depressive mixed state. It lifted the depression overnight and helped motivation within several days. With this, Abilify was very promising for the first couple weeks. However, after several weeks of taking it, it turned a bit ugly. Due to its dopamine agonism, Abilify flooded my brain with too much dopamine and turned me into a paranoid maniac and triggered a dysphoric agitated state. I had suspiciousness as well. We stopped it due to these.

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