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I have a feeling I asked this before, but the number of entries that came up were way to many for me to try to find what I'm about to ask so I'm sorry if I'm asking a question twice.

I remember asking mom at one time "How was my mood on Topamax @ 100mg BID?" (of course said in words she could understand). She told me my mood was good and my mood was very stable. This was prior to Lithium.

Now here comes the questions:

1. Is it OK to ask my psychiatrist (whenever I get one) to increase the dose of the Topamax to 100 BID?

2. I understand that I might have more cognition / memory issues if I increase the dose. What other issues should I watch for?

(It's been over a year since I've been on the higher dose)

Thanks for your co-op in re-reading if I re-posted and thanks for answering my questions.


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It is completely appropriate to ask your doctor if increasing your Topamax is an acceptable option for you. A relationship with one's pdoc should always include open and candid conversations. That's a nice dream anyway, right? Additional symptoms to look for or that may apply with increased Topamax would be tingling sensations in your hands and feet (this would probably be temporary, and not terribly bothersome), a funky taste in your mouth (certain foods, especially soft drinks may suddenly taste like shit), and maybe some cognitive issues like increased memory loss, or trouble finding words. These are classic side effects, some people experience them, others experience none of these side effects. I take 300mg Topamax daily and sometimes feel pins and needles in my hands and feet. I haven't had horrible cognitive issues, and I don't much care for the taste of food, so if some things taste like shit, I simply chalk it up to me, not the Topamax. Good luck with your convo with a pdoc!

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