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Effexor and Trazodone

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hi PSmith. welcome to the boards. 

i've been on effexor for the better part of two years now and have spent most of that at 225 mg. i had trouble sleeping because of the effexor, and i was not responding that well to it benefit-wise, so i was put on nortriptilene as an additional drug. it was supposed to help me sleep at night and was also supposed to work with the effexor as an anti-depressant. i have been through 4 of these 'adjunct' meds now and have settled with seroquel.

you are right in that these secondary meds are supposed to work with the effexor to have an increased anti-depressant effect. they also happen to be great knock out drugs. i have been on trazodone as an adjunct to my effexor and found that it helped me more in an anti-depressant role than with my just taking the effexor on its own.

i am now on seroquel because it helps me sleep better at night than trazodone. i do remember that the first time i went off seroquel i stopped it cold and had a bad headache for a few days. and don't even THINK about trying to stop effexor cold. seriously. don't.

so i'm not really sure about a 'peak' effect of effexor. although i did experience a really good week when i went up to 150 on effexor. but that tailed off so up i went again. if i were you i think i'd request being put back on trazodone and staying on your effexor.

best of luck,


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back when i was still getting all my meds from my gp i remember something he told me. i was feeling very dark and was having suicidal thoughts at the time. and as he gave me my prescriptions, he handed me the effexor one and said 'taking an overdose of these won't kill you'. then he handed me the one for trazodone and said 'taking an overdose of these can REALLY, REALLY, hurt you. they are hard on your liver. so DON'T exceed your dosage with them'.

ps. check out jerod's med info extravaganza at crazymeds.us (scroll down the left panel). he has TONS of info on drugs. probably the best on the net.

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Just found this by doing a Google search for "Effexor and Trazodone."  It's a response to someone who like me, was on Effexor 150mg and was wondering how Trazodone would interact with it.


Re: Effexor and Trazodone together?????

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