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yes zyprexa and clozapine can cause a shit load of weight gain. im just wondering how bad is the weight gain with the typical or older antipsychotics? is it much less than with the newer or atypical ap's

The typical/older antipsychotics are probably less likely to cause weight gain.

But it really depends on the drug. Some older antipsychotics are somewhat similar to the atypicals.

Haldol, or any antipsychotic that focuses on the dopamine receptors is generally less likely to cause weight gain.

My bet is that the sedating older antipsychotics or the APs that act on serotonin are more likely to cause weight gain.

But it also really depends on the patient. If the AP makes you feel unmotivated or bad, some people compensate by eating junk food or skipping exercise.

Abilify may not cause weight issues, but in a way it's both an antipsychotic and a 'psychotic' (antagonism and agonism at the dopamine receptors), meaning that it's not without risk.

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