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Lions & Tigers & PTSD...oh my!

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I'm one of the latest newbies on this site. Will keep most my of postings in the PTSD forum...and probabaly in the more locked down forum...'cause well...this is all new to me, and I'm still in the attempt to keep my life "normal" and all this under the radar of my friends and coworkers. But, everyone needs to blow off some steam and chat, so here I am.

Been dealing with PTSD symptoms since a teenager and have been able to keep them in check while highly functioning (a.k.a. locking it all away in a box) --- until one trauma after another and some serious medical news brought me to my knees. So, now I'm officially diagnosed...don't have it all in control any longer...dealing with dissociation and depersonalization issues -- probably b/c of my past coping mechanisms of keeping it all "away" from me so I could function. Served me well then....uh...not so well now. Live and learn.

Attempting to stay off the meds...for no other reason that meditation is my drug of choice...but may have to adjust if I can't get this whole "no sleep" thang under control. Been seeing the Pdoc for 2 months now, but it took us that long to really nail all this down. Now seeing a Tdoc and starting EMDR next week. Wish me all luck -- posted that journey in the PTSD forum, so will keep ya'll posted there.

Glad to meet ya'll. Happy trails.

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