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Coolant in the oil

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Last summer, the head gasket on my car blew. I drove it for several months with a blown head gasket. My symptoms were coolant loss, temperature gauge swings, bubbling in radiator & puke tank. Then white smoke out of exhaust. Then water started leaking into the oil apparently. This gave the oil a chocolate milkshake appearance. Here's a picture of the contaminated oil:


Before taking my car to the shop, I was at work at Wal-Mart, and I was on my lunch break. During my lunch, I decided to bring my car to their Tire and Lube express to get my oil changed. While I'm eating, they call me over there. They lead me out to the lube bay and notify me that I have antifreeze in my oil. They tell me that due to liability reasons, they can't change my oil. They basically tell me that my head gasket is FUBAR and that I need to get it Fixed IMMEDIATELY or else the contaminated oil will eat up the crankshaft bearings. So, they sent me off, and I get back in my car and go to the shop to have them repair it. I gave them instructions to replace gasket and possible head (if cracked).

Here's picture of blown head gasket (detail):


(it failed at coolant channel behind cylinder #1)

Now, here's the thing. Ever since that experience, I've been real obsessed with engine oil, oil pressure, coolant, cooling systems, and head gaskets. I can't seem to get those things off my mind. I keep repeating words over and over in my head that deal with those subjects. Like for example:

chocolate milk

oil pressure






many others...

Also, I keep on obsessively reading about other's experiences with bad head gaskets and getting a little kick out of them

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    Dude! You are speaking my language. I worry about brake wear and my alignment. If my car pulls even ever-so-slightly to the left or right I want to take it in IMMEDIATELY. I am always listening to, checking, feeling the car.

    I also obsess on my alarm clock being set, and using a battery powered alarm in case the power goes out. My washing machine hoses bursting. Electrical cords being bent and becoming a fire hazard. I also have this thing about one of my 4 cats accidentally becoming trapped in my dryer and me unknowingly running it ending in the demise of my kitty. So I check, and re-check. I also have a fear of my cat(s) escaping the safety of my home and getting run over, devoured by pit bulls, etc. This is all getting better, slowly with meds and therapy, but I hear ya on the gasket thing.

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