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What are you eating?

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I had some awesome oatmeal coffee cookies from trader joes for breakfast, two pieces of pizza, some cheese and crackers, and a couple of chips for lunch.

An exquisitely well-balanced and nutrient dense diabetic diet.

Really? I thought it was kinda bad.

Anyway, a clif bar for breakfast.

It is a horrendous diabetic diet. My response my sarcasms, through and through.

It appears that you truly do not care, as you expressed elsewhere, about your physical well-being. Your heavily carbohydrate and empty calorie eating will take its toll on your body. Not today and maybe not for a great many days, but not eating for your diabetic condition and not monitoring your blood glucose levels will raise havoc with your body.

Your lack of caring and your eating habits concern me. You noted that you take "diabetic medicine", yet you do not use even a modicum of common sense regarding your eating habits.

I thought that Clif Bars were formulated for athletes and highly active people. By your own admission you do not exercise and live a quite sedentary lifestyle. An "energy bar" seems not only oxymoronic, but futile.

I need to simple resist reading your threads and your responses regarding eating as my frustration level is nearly to the overflow part. If you don't care then why should I...another oxymoron: you don't give a shit and I worry about that.

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Had a half a peanut butter sandwich, a pretzel rod, a few sesame nuggets, carrots an ranch dressing, and a sf jello. For dinner we are having a whole small herb roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and french cut green beans.

Indigo, I do not need your lecture. I know how to eat. I had 2 small pieces of pizza. Kill me.

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