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Are we having fun yet?


I left out the hypertensive meds

a catapress3 patch and lotrel

oxy is my only opiate

ibuprofen,I take it 'cause they tell me to

Just keeping track of these

can make lose

what day it is ;)

anything missing????


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the "Have to" meds

Lotrel 5/20 X1

Catapress3 patch

I just do them,then I've no idea what else beside my hypertension they control.


I have gotten a grip on the Oxycontin,20mgX3 and no more.

ibuprofen 600X4 as an anti-inflammatory,with food,so far,so good.

the lexapro 10mg,still taking it,unaware of effect,maybe?

Depakote 500X2,feeling better,on a 1=10 scale for fatique a seven insted of an 11

the benzos

more ativan,less klonopin,to see how it goes,right now like the machinery in my head is jammed or free spinnning or start'n'stop ,this post is taking much too much

effort to write.

the good news,separation anxiety is down,anxiety in general(hee) is better,

still having BPII cycling rapid not as fierce,OCD I thought was better,not so sure

when triggered has hypomanic force.

If anyone has similar load,how are?

Sorry for the mess,I'm try,linear posting,feels foriegn,causing major brain fade

Stasis rollin' in an out with th fog

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