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as the subject line puts it, I'm new to these forums. i hate real life support groups, so I've been posting elsewhere. however, some of the people on that forum where arguing with each other and I feel

it was kind of hostile there - so here. im really glad i found this site.

i have been diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and mild schizophrenia, and unfortunately some addictive issues as well.

i'm also a student in my 3rd year, studying social work, and i hope to one day open up an alternative clinic for people with depression.

my goals for my postings are for increase in support for myself and others and to make a few internet friends ;)



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Hi Cal

I think you picked a great place to post! I'm somewhat new and I've got a lot of good advice and everyone I have encountered is nice. Its good you are reaching out for support. I know I need it too! ;)

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Hi Cal, and welcome to Crazyboards.

I hope you read the rules when you completed the registration process--it helps avoid problems later on.

Don't be afraid to PM a moderator if you don't understand something.

I'm glad you turned up here!


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