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A message to the main admin

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I would have sent this directly to the direct owner of the forum only I forgot who that is, but I thought that this might be helpful to him/her.

This user who posted this youtube video received an email (I think she says from google) on how to optimize google adsense for the holidays and I thought that since this forum can always benefit from optimized ads, I figured I would provide you with her youtube video about the adsense thing I'm describing above, and her youtube link should you want to watch any of her past or future videos.

Here's the video:


And here's her youtube link (Her name is Lisa):


Thanks and I hope this helps,


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You could have sent that to ANY admin or mod.

Thanks though.

...forgot to say my main point:

Normally something like this would be best sent to Velvet Elvis.

I'm not sure it's something that's applicable to our specific circumstances.

I'm obviously in my own little world where people can read my head.

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