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what can you guys tell me about fluphenazine(aka prolixin)

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after trying all the atypicals for schizo without much luck. my pdoc said i would have to try one of the older ones. he mentioned a few. one caught my eye fluphenazine coz it says here on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia....ki/Fluphenazine that its extremely potent more potent than haldol. has anyone been on prolixin before what are your experiences with it.? i know its old and prolly hardly used anymore but if the atypicals are meant to be bigger and better then they should have worked for me. i tried clozapine as a last hope coz thats what its there for when nothing else works. unfortunately i was on it for a year coz they had to increase it slowly. just made me drool a shit load and put tonnes of weight on and plus it didnt help with the schizo. thats why im asking about prolixin.

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Unfortunately, I can't remember seeing anyone here taking prolixin. If anyone is, or has, hopefully they'll turn up soon.

I don't really think it's correct to say the atypicals are meant to be bigger and better than the typicals. They're just different.

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I LOVE fluphenazine! Its the only AP that really helped me out of all the AP's and AAP's I've been on. I don't recall any side effects that were bothersome either, just the normal sleepiness when starting (normal for me). As soon as I have prescription coverage again I'll be back on it.

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I was on prolixin for quite a while...it really helped as far as the psychotic symptoms.

For me prolixin took away all my psychotic symptoms, no more hallucinations, delusions, paranoia.

I will say though as far as side effects..it made me tired most of the time, especially the first few days.

I can't really remember how my moods were..i don't think i was up and down, just down. Which is nothing new for me.

I stopped getting it every two weeks and stretching it longer and longer until i eventually felt i didn't need it.

Plus it was starting to hurt whenever i got the injection so that was another reason to stop l0l.

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Side effects are so different for everyone. Prolixin is energizing for me. So much so i was awaking in the middle to the night. pdoc decided it was the topamax. I am now on topa in the am and continue with prolixin in pm.

prolixin 10 mig at hs

Trilepptral (oxcarbazeprine) 600 mg hs

Topamax 100 mg am

Seroquel 25 mg has

Klonopin 2mg hs

cogentin 1 mg bid. benadryl 25 mg hs.

They had to put me on something, I was talking to my self constantly and looking up ways to kill myself on the net and people were afraid of me due to me talking to myself. Also I talk nonstop , pressured speech.

so, even though I have TD for sure, mouth issue, mouth blowing and a tremor when I smile, I hare to take these meds.

I think the polixin is a savior for me. I think it is wonderful. It reminds me of the stelazine I took for years.

the only downside is the topamax has made me stupid, but better stupid than crazy.I am still talking to my self and have pressure speech but I go into the out patient program next week and see my regular pdoc next week/

Good luck to you. I think the prolixin is a good drug and nothign wrong with it.

I'm still on edge however b/c as I type this I feel like crying. Thank Goodness for spell check b/c I can barely think and my spelling is gawd awful.

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