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does the tablet work faster than the long acting injec.

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okay so was give fluanxol long acting injection 40mg and 4 days later i had a psychotic episode. i had the episode while i was seeing the pdoc. he recognised it straight away by the way i looked. i was terrified, paranoid etc. i was like its only been 4 days it might not of kicked in by now. he was looking in his drug book for the fluanxol tablet. unfortunately the tablet was discontinued some time ago in australia . you could only get the long acting injec. my question is does the tablet act faster than the injection. is that why he wanted to give me the tablet while i was freaking out ? isnt the injection more powerful? im confused! plz can someone tell me the difference between the tablet and the injection. efficacy wise and how long it takes to work. i always thought the injection is faster coz they inject you with it then it goes straight into your system.

p.s i started it in june this year and now im still on it but he bumped the dose to 60mg. all is good now. just have psych. episodes once twice a week. most of the paranoia is gone now and so are the voices.

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