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Hi, I'm new.

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I just wanted to drop a hello to everyone on this site. ;) I've been lurking the pages for awhile now, and I'd finally decided to join. I've never joined a support site before, but I've been going through a hard time lately and thought it would be beneficial to sign up for one. I've had panic attacks since I was about 12-13 years old, and I am now 20. A long time eh? I have a very tough life; that's a totally different and long story. I've tried going off my medicines but 3 months is the farthest I've been without them, before I ended up in a mental facility this year, twice.

Anyways, I actually have a question for you guys. Does a benzo like Ativan have any negative long-term side effects? Like forgetting things more frequently as you age... well, more than what would be considered normal. I thought I had more questions, but it is 4AM here in Texas (go Cowboys?) and my brain is not cooperating with me right now haha.

Thanks and I hope everyone has a good week! :)

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