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Hi, I started on Wellbutrin SR (actually Zyban - I'm in the UK and it's not licenced for depression, but I've got it anyway) 10 days ago. I started at 150mg, and have taken 150mg twice a day for the last four days.

It's been added to fluoxetine 40mg and Zyprexa 5mg, partly to see if it can offset the libido-crushing effect of these meds, and partly for the AD effect. Neither effect has become apparent yet, though I think I'm experiencing some increased anxiety from it (though difficult to know if that's the drug or the illness).

As I've been fairly severely depressed for many months and have tried various drug combos, I'm impatient for some results, and am wondering how long to give it? And do the start up side effects gradually subside (anxiety, dry mouth, constipation, etc)?

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Andrew, this is just my experience but Wellbutrin SR 150 has worked fairly well for me. It did take several days to feel any effect and for the "jumpiness" to fade.

But for me it was worth it.

Then Lamictal was added and there was another adjustment period.

It's hard to be patient when you hurt and want to feel better, but try giving it a few more days.

Good luck


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Everyone says it'll take two weeks to a month or more.  I'm at about two weeks and just  noticing a slight increase in zippiness, if you want to call it that. (No, I'm not talking about the cartoon character.)  My tdoc, who I saw a few days ago, thinks I am finally not at all depressed, though she noticed a change much more than I did. Of course, you are now taking 3X what I am. Maybe I'm sweating more, too, if that's possible. Have been on the other meds for months.  I might be sleeping a bit harder, too, but it's easier for me to stay up too late as well. These seem to be similar effects to my other meds. I've had no trouble with reduced libido with my meds, quite the reverse. However, I'm hoping the Welbutrin will help me with a little problem finishing up, and with a problem being satisfied when I finish up. Continual frustration is a strange place to live, but it beats depression. I find chewing sugarless gum (which I don't really like) and Biotene mouthwash to be helpful with the dry mouth, which doesn't seem any worse since adding the new med.

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Hey Andrew! ;)

You may have already looked at this, but if you haven't, here's a link to the CrazyMeds Wellbutrin page.

Wellbutrin usually starts to work within a couple weeks- but give it a month before you give up on it.  Personally, I felt a little bit better about a week after starting 150 mgs of Wellbutrin XL, but (as always) your mileage may vary. 

YMMV with the side-effects, as well, although I found that my dry mouth went away after a little while.  I was also a little jittery for the first month or so, but that subsided- however, I have to be careful with stimulants (caffeine, pseudoephedrine, etc) because it's easy for me to "overload" now. 

You can (sometimes) get an idea about how fast drugs usually work on you after you've taken a couple.  I assume the Prozac and the Zyprexa are helping?  Anyway... if it took awhile for those drugs to kind of "kick in," that might be an indicator that Wellbutrin might take a little bit longer, too.

You're in the trenches right now- it could start helping any day.  Give it at least another two weeks.

I hope Wellbutrin helps round out your cocktail- I think it's helped me quite a bit.

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Thanks for all the replies. I guess I should stick with WB for a while longer (its not 2 weeks yet).

My main reservation is the high level of "jitteriness" I'm experiencing at the moment. And I'm confused - I don't really know if its my illness (which has a large component of agitation and anxiety), or the WB making things worse. I don't know whether I was any less anxious before the WB (my psych thinks not).

I assume the Prozac and the Zyprexa are helping?

Well I don't know. I think they're helping enough that I'm going in to work, but I still feel like shit! Basically the fluoxetine and Zyprexa worked like a dream for about 3 1/2 weeks, then my depression came back.

At the suggestion of my I'm going to try upping my Zyprexa dose 10mg (though I initially responded to 2.5mg!), and that dosage is nearer to the dose used in a controlled study [ http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/full/158/1/131 ]. So maybe that will help and mitigate against any WB anxiety!

I think Tom's of Maine makes a mouthwash that's supposed to be moisturizing?


The dry mouth seems finally to be going away!

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