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Why is my skin flaking off? Why am I STILL tired!?!?

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Hello, I have a problem. My skin is very dry, hands especially, they are cracking and bleeding, and today I was rubbing them and all this skin flaked off! I never had this happen before. I don't overly wash my hands. When I wash things in the sink I use gloves. I am attributing it to a medication I was just started, Cytomel, but not sure which one. Any ideas? Lotion is NOT helping, not even the paraffin stuff. Hell, I don't think Aquafor would work if I tried.

Also, I am very tired. I don't know how. I am on 50mg Adderall total a day and 400mg total Provigil per day. I have a high reverse T3 so my psychiatrist put me on Cytomel (which I think is drying my skin) and was supposed to help fatigue as well. I went as far to take Zantac with my Adderall and I was half asleep still! I am going to try Zegerid. I went off AP's because of sleepiness and while now I can function, I'm still chronically tired. Is it the Lamictal? I have bpd diagnosis, do I have other options that won't effect my weight or make me tired? I do not know whether psychiatrist will let me off of it or not, I plan to ask if it can cause this major fatigue.

I feel like I could smoke crack and STILL be tired.

I'm tired of being tired. I have a 2 month old who needs me to not be tired.

Edit: all these stimulants cause me to sweat. Sucks that I can sweat so much and not be awake.

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I can't address the issues with the drugs, but I want to gently point out that mothers of small babies often live in a state of perpetual fatigue. You're probably not getting enough sleep, you might be waking up 8 or 10 times a night, and I bet you don't have the time or the energy to get some exercise.

Has your doctor checked your iron level? The other thing that the dry skin and fatigue say to me are thyroid issues.

I'm sorry you're having such an awful time, and I hope other members will discuss these side effects.


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