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Trying to figure out which med is the culprit for increase in dysphoria

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Guest cosmic_fractal

I've been tapering off of Lamictal, because it wasn't doing a whole lot for me (I was on 200mg/day, and then going down 50mg every week. I'm at 50mg now.) My pdoc also added Luvox (50mg/day). I'm trying to figure out my recent dysphoria (bordering on depression?) is due to the Lamictal taper, or starting Luvox (I hear it's not uncommon for symptoms to get worse before they get better). I've only been on the Luvox for two weeks, so it probably hasn't really kicked in yet (and I'm taking it more for OCD than depression, although I do get moody, especially in the evenings).

I have trouble spending time alone (and this has been a chronic thing, which I'm hoping meds and therapy will help with) - feelings of restlessness, boredom (despite actually having so much schoolwork to do), agitation, dysphoria, loneliness...and it's possible that maybe the dysphoria is exemplified because I've been lowering the Lamictal on Thursdays, and I have long weekends with basically long stretches of unstructured time to contend with (this isn't necessarily "free time," just time that I have to manage on my own in terms of working on assignments and projects, instead of having that established for me through a schedule, by going to class and such). I also often feel torn between staying in and TRYING to do my work (and not succeeding very well), and going out to socialize...but if I go out, then the work doesn't get done for sure...and I also can't drink much these days, which makes me feel like a bit of a wallflower sometimes.

Does anyone have any insight, or what I can do to make things better? I take Adderall too, which helps a little with the motivation, but with this recent increase in dysphoria it doesn't seem to be quite enough. Maybe I just need to be patient. I'm almost off the Lamictal entirely (which I wasn't even taking for Bipolar disorder, which I don't have it), and maybe I just need to wait on the Luvox. I hope it works. This is the first time I've tried an SSRI.

I had a lot of side effects titrating up on Lamictal, so I'm sure it's had a profound impact on my brain chemistry/body (even though it didn't really fix my mood swings)...and so I must be experiencing some withdrawal effects (pretty much all psychological, no bodily things since I'm being careful about lowering the dose). I'm just rather concerned about keeping up with school. It's my last year of an MFA program in Writing.

Thanks in advance for your advice. :-)


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