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Lex + Risperdal + Lamictal

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Is it possible that the combination could be causing me to have psychotic episodes?  I felt unreal last night and panicky, like I was in the middle of a nightmare.  No amount of rationalization could take the edge off.  Plus, the night before I had had really grotesque dreams-- blood, gore, insanity-- Lovecraft meets Poe meets Clive Barker.

Or is it possible that the Lexapro was the key?  Or the Risperdal?  I didn't take my Lex last night and things seem much more normal today.  Also no gorey dreams-- just tornadoes and thunderstorms.  I woke up feeling fine.

Any thoughts?

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What is your dx and the dose of each med?

I have dreams like that too, but did before meds as well.  I dabble in writing horror and dark fantasy so I find them a inspirational.


Risperdal 1 mg

Lamictal 400 mg

Lexapro 10 mg

I'm dx'ed BP II, although I'm pretty sure I've managed to qualify for BP I (real manias, more than once).  My doc may have changed my dx, I'm not sure.  I did tell him about it, though.  He put me on Risperdal for a previous psychotic episode, and for mania.

I used to really love horror (still do sometimes)-- since I've had my latest breakdown I don't seek it out so much.  I'm a visual artist though, and my artwork often gets very dark and grotesque.


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