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Wellbutrin and Muscles?

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Guest moerketid

Hey all.

I had a question about Wellbutrin (XR) which I've been taking now for around 8 weeks, for my Borderline Personality Disorder. This is far from my first antidepressant medication - I tried many SSRIs with no effect at all (or side-effects), took Effexor for 5 years but stopped as it wasn't doing much aside stabilising my mood and causing me to be really fat, and tried Lofepramine (TCA) which gave me a slight heart problem and was promptly discontinued.

With Wellbutrin I have experienced increased anxiety and odd thoughts/notions, however it has stopped my feeling suicidal completely. This is a great relief as I have felt that way with no idea why for over 10 years. A little more puzzling though is what it seems to have done to my muscles.

I have a bicycle and would bike about once a week, for around an hour, and this is where I first noticed this issue. After about 4 weeks on the Wellbutrin, I got on my bicycle for the first time in the week to go to an appointment which is about 20 minutes away. Normally this is very easy. After about 3 minutes, the muscles in my upper thigh HURT like hell. They were totally worn out after 10 minutes and continuing the rest of the trip was very painful and unpleasant - I figured maybe I was coming down with flu or something. My legs felt awful and worn when I got there and so I decided to take the bus home and come back the next day for my bike, or have my boyfriend do it if I was in bed with the suspected flu. Next day I was fine, and figured I'd go get my bike. The ride home was the same. Normally I pedal in 3rd gear on my bike almost all the time, 2nd gear I feel like my legs are spinning too fast. I couldn't pedal in 3rd gear at all, it felt like trying to bike through tar. 2nd gear was a struggle too, really difficult to move and not nearly as fast as normal.

Anyway, this continued to happen any other time I've used my bike (though I've learned to use it on shorter distances now). On top of that, I started getting really sore legs when walking, and also severe pain in my hip. I've never been a fit person but this very sudden difficulty is quite troubling and alarming - and it literally happened within 1 week. The only thing I have to associate it with is the Wellbutrin, and I don't know if that's even possible.

I'd appreciate if anyone else has heard of something the same thing from it, or whether I should look into another potential cause. Thankyou!

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