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just thought i'd share

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maybe you'll find it funny, maybe you'll sympathize, but i really wanted to share my current headspace.

i'm hungry. 

however, i've already done my end-of-the-day tooth-brushing, which means no more food.

trouble is, i actually brushed my teeth earlier than usual because my mouth felt really dirty-- it was about an hour ago. 

so, i'm questioning whether it was the actual end-of-the-day tooth-brushing or just a random one. 

i'm so hungry that i'm slightly dizzy, but i'm not sure if i can justify another evening tooth-brushing.

i brush my teeth before bed, not in the evening.  eating and thus brushing my teeth a second time would negate the previous tooth-brushing's place in the routine.

i also have to drink a glass of water before bed, but drinking it on a totally empty stomach (as mine currently is) will make me nauseous.

so, here are my options.

--eat nothing, know that my tooth-brushing routine hasn't been violated, but wind up feeling sick because of the water and going to bed with hunger pains.

--eat something and have to brush again, thus adding an extra tooth-brushing to the day and damaging my routine.

--eat something and not brush, thus keeping the routine but going to bed knowing that my teeth are dirty.

--eat nothing and skip the water, sidestepping nausea but risking lying awake all night wondering if i'm dehydrated.

. . . . f$ck.

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I agree

Eat well

brush well

sleep well

tell your self your day

is now finished

going to bed


for no good reason

is like carrying your raincoat(the famous blue one)

under your arm

in a rainstorm

or some metaphoric



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