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oh Herro prease

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The internet is my beachfront property.

I like to check it out while I study for my CPA.

Some of the topics I like to discuss:

Human Potential, Human Will

Six Pack Abs

Ancient History

Vampires and Succubai

Life Purpose



Your Stories

Nutrition / Herbology

Real Inception

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let's discuss Real Inception. i, for one, know nothing about it.

People have the ability to enter your dreams. Remotely from far away distances.

We have the power to, but we always forget our abilities when we wake up.

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Royal, this website is for people with various kinds of mental illness. It was established so that MI people could talk to one another freely, discuss meds, and work out strategies for coping with life as a mentally ill person.

If you are not mentally ill, why are you here?


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