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i mixed alcohol and zoloft...

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i know it was a bad idea... i don't need to hear that.

what i want to know is... if anything like this has happened to anyone else after mixing any ssri's with alcohol..

i drank maybe 5 drinks, came home, felt fine, went to bed just feeling tipsy. some may know i've had some major problems w/ my relationship as of late. well we went to bed on good terms. apparently i woke up in the middle of the night screaming and hurling abuse at my partner. i said some really awful vile things... things i've NEVER thought (it sounds like i was just trying to be hurtful - things like, "you're ugly and disgusting and a loser") and then i punched him in the face. i made him cry.. and laughed at him.. he said i scared him for the first time in our 6 years together.

i don't remember ANY of this.

i have never been abusive or violent.. i used to drink heavily (with and w/o medication) and NEVER blacked out, became violent, forgot about anything i did while drunk, etc. i've never hit anyone before. i mean i seriously am horrified at this - he makes it sound like i was possessed.

obviously i haven't drank since then. but i want to know if this is a sign of something seriously wrong in my head, or if mixing zoloft and booze can produce a black-out effect like this (while sleeping?!).

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I've noticed that my tolerance is waaayyy down since being on meds.

Lesson learned. How to rectify this?

Smaller glasses?

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If you haven't been drinking lately, isn't 5 drinks an awful lot? Alcohol is pretty notorious for making (or at least letting) people rage.

I had one full drink when taking Prozac and emotionally lost it, but not in an aggressive way. Who knows what might have happened if I'd had a few more? Since then I've limited myself to maybe a quarter of a drink at a time.

You should, however, mention this to your pdoc and your therapist.

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