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So it looks like I'm going to have to stop Risperdal, due to lactation issues, and my pdoc has recommended we look into the other atypicals.  So, I'm looking for recommendations.  Which of the others has an effect most similar to Risperdal?

These are my concerns:

Seroquel - I take 25mgs of Seroquel occasionally (2-3 times a month) the night before I know I'm going to have a day that will be bad, anxiety-wise.  However, I feel very sluggish the next day, and that makes my depression worse.

Geodon - I'm bipolar, and have had SSRIs send me into dysphoric mania before, and I've had a few friends who went on this and it made them manic as all hell.

Abilify - I'm taking atypicals mainly for anxiety, sensory integration issues, and obsessive thinking, and I'm very skeptical of an activating drug actually helping those issues.  In fact, I'd think it would make them worse.

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I don't think any of the others are nearly as effective for sensorary integration issues.  You might have better luck with an AC for this kind of stuff than any of the other APs.

Seroquel is less sedating the higher you go on the dose.  I've personally found it more effective for OCD than I did Risp.  It's been particularly good at eliminating the nasty violent intrusive thoughts. 

Aren't you also using the Risp. as your primary mood stabilizer as well?  You really might be better off with an AC than playing with more atypicals.  Most of them help with anxiety and various aspie quirks. 

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