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Bipolar, Asberger's, and ECT?

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I have a question.  I read and research a lot and have a very hard time finding information.  I know you are not all doctors and therefore I am only asking perhaps what you have witnessed as the past experience of other "crazy meds" forum members.  I really need their past experience.  I know I don't have time to tell you my whole life story, family horrors, med history, etc.. I will as speedily as possible get to the question.

    I have been diagnosed with depression, then major depression, PTSD, agoraphobia, bipolar, OCD, who knows what else.  Was high functioning for a while, finished college while drinking before the mental illness reallly hit me. Was profoundly abused, still have somewhat nice mom side of family.

    Okay, 8 years of therapy and drugs and I am still suicidal.  Meds aren't working well, never have.  I have always had excellent therapist and psychiatrists.  I am starting to look for that component in me that is holding me back.  Tested for sleep apnea-no problem.  Have screaming nightmares since a child, mostly repressed memories so not much to work with in terms of the PTSD.

  In the course of my readings, I started to wonder if I have Asberger's.  I took an online test.  I talked to my psychologist (who has two degrees from Harvard).  She said that I get jokes and read between lines, etc., so no. I just took test on your site and got a 146 and 147.

  Finally!! the question! I have been so suicidal lately that they are getting ready to do electroshock therapy on me.  I wanted to know if this is contraindicated for people who may have Asberger's.  Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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