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Weird to stop paxil + start lexapro?

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I am just second guessing my pdoc.

He agrees that paxil is not doing for me what it is supposed to so I am going off paxil (60mg) and straight on to 10mg of Cipralax (sp?)

The pharmacist seemed surprised.

My doc said since they are both ssris, I should be okay.

But for real - what do you guys think - is it a good idea for me to do this or will I end up scratching the walls to get out in a few days?

Sign me, Yikes

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no tirating off the paxil at 60mg? ummmm......since i dont have anything to back it up but my own story, i'll share.

years ago i had a pdoc who wanted me to tirate off paxil 80mg without taking another ssri. didnt work.

last year i had a NP help me get off paxil 80 mg slowly by increasing lexapro slowly. I dont remember the exact mgs of lexapro...but it worked.

what im trying to say is i was on both - paxil & lexapro at the same time. paxil going down, lexapro going up. and it worked.

if you have problems with pdoc's suggestion I'd call him in a heartbeat regardless of the hour.


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